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Sport Pick Team

Lately there have been quite a few sports betting forums and groups popping up that have shown some great success. Sports Pick Team (SPT) is surely one of these groups. The group is run by a few successful bettors that have had years of experience and it shows. They offer picks for the standard bets such as against-the-spread and over/under bets but they also have a knack for finding really good value in prop bets on players and games.

The Slack Group

Real-time chat services have changed the betting game and SPT has taken full advantage of this with their Slack group. SPT uses such services to alert its members of bets they can make instantly before a sportsbook adjusts the line. SPT notifies you of such changes mostly on prop bets for players. An example is a player gets injured but the sportsbook hasn't adjusted their line to reflect the injury. SPT spots these kind of value plays and gets their members to get bets in before the book makes an adjustment.

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Sport Pick Team Features

Nightly Picks
The team at SPT constantly updates their picks channels with picks they think have the best value. They will also give a brief explanation as to why the pick has been made.

Real-Time Chat
Talk to the people that run SPT and also get important announcements regarding moves that SPT is recommending. If SPT finds value and wants you to bet it, the notification is instant which helps to get your money in before the line moves.

If you're a beginner and looking to get into sports betting, SPT has some great tutorial videos for you. All the videos are in the member's area of the website and they simply help you familiarize yourself with betting terms, betting responsibly and more. If you watch all the videos, you'll be confident enough to start wagering with the SPT team.

SPT also keeps track of their previous bets within Slack. You can see how their picks have been doing and they also want to be totally transparent about their performance. Sports betting is full of highs and lows but SPT always comes out on type despite the variance that comes with betting on sports.

Sport Pick Team Money Back Guarantee

SPT is so confident that you will like the results and will give you your money back if you are not satisfied within the first 15 days of your membership. SPT consists of experts that look for value in an array of lines that books offer. Their expertise leads to you making money by just wagering on what SPT recommends. Sports betting is one of the funnest ways to make money. Games are always a little more interesting when you have a wager on them and its very gratifying when your bets win! Join today and give SPT a shot. We think you will like the results!

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