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Sneakersbiip Cook Group Services

Sneakersbiip has been around in the form of a cook group since 2016 or so. They built all of their monitors exclusively for their group and at some point decided to offer these monitors to other groups. The most popular products they have are of course an Off-White monitor and their monitor software for over 100 non-shopify sites. Sneakersbiip offers their services both in hosted (Cloud) and self-hosted (Software) packages.

If you use their cloud service then you do not need to worry about proxies and servers for the set up. If you just get their software then you must provide the proxies and hosting environment for yourself. Here is a complete list of what they offer cook groups and descriptions will follow:

AIO Monitor + Software

The Cloud AIO Monitor send notifications for over 100 non-shopify sites. It also has over 100 shopify sites monitored and sent to your server. You provide the webhook (Slack/Discord) and all notification are sent to your server through this webhook. The Cloud AIO Monitor notifications have a 2 to 3 second delay and are sent after the notification are sent to the Sneakersbiip Slack First. There are two different packages where one comes with the software and the cheaper package does not. The package with the software version of the AIO Monitor allows you to run monitors on your server with no delay. You must provide your own proxies and server if you are to use the software and host this monitor yourself.

Sites Covered/Features:

Some sites monitored include Shopify, Adidas, Supreme, Sivasdescalzo, NakedCPH, Solebox, Off—White, MrPorter, Net-A-Porter, 43einhalb, OneBlockDown, Starcow, SneakersnStuff, SSense, DSM and more. Check out all non-shopify sites covered in this list

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Buy Sneakersbiip Cloud Monitor + Software - €299.00/mo

Off-White Monitor

Off-White monitors are fairly rare and finding one that is consistent is hard to do. Sneakersbiip's Off-White monitor won't let you down. If there's a restock or a drop, this monitor will find it. The monitor also features Add-To-Cart links for a faster checkout. There's no doubt that the Off-White/Nike collab is one of the most profitable for resellers. Don't miss out on anything that is restocking or dropping on their site. Please note the Cloud Off-White Monitor has a 2 to 3 second delay. The software version, where you self host it, has no delay at all.

Sites Covered/Features:

Off-White (All Regions)

QuickTasks for [Cyber | WOP | PD | SOLE | ANB | TKS | EVE | WHAT]

Buy Sneakersbiip Cloud Off-White Monitor - €89.00/mo

Shopify Monitor + Software

The Cloud Shopify Monitor package is Sneakerbiip's most popular among their clientele. The monitor comes stock with over 100 Shopify sites being monitored at all times. They also include Adidas and Supreme at no additional cost. They have two options for the Shopify monitor. One is the cloud and software monitors combined. The other is just the software and you run the monitor on your own server using your own proxies. The software allows you to monitor ANY shopify site that isn't in the Cloud package. It seems it's best to have both so we recommend going for the cloud and software package instead of the software package alone. The price is very reasonable to do so as well.

Sites Covered/Features:

Over 100 Shopify sites, Supreme and Adidas

QuickTasks for [Cyber | WOP | PD | SOLE | ANB | TKS | EVE | WHAT]

Buy Sneakersbiip Shopify Software - €69.00/moBuy Sneakersbiip Cloud Shopify + Software Package - €129.00/mo