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By January 8, 2021Sneaker Bots, Overviews

HyperRaffleBot has been in the community for a long time and they have developed their company into being recognized as one of the top raffle bots on the market at the moment. They have a very large amount of success and with reselling being prohibited, everyone is trying to get their hands on a HyperRaffleBot copy. They tend to restock through their designated Twitter page (@HyperRaffleBot) and it is extremely difficult to attain.

HyperRaffleBot currently supports:

  • 43einhalb
  • Alumni
  • BSTN
  • BAIT
  • basket4ballers
  • Bodega
  • Browns
  • The Canteen
  • Centre
  • The Closest Inc
  • Concepts
  • Copdate
  • Courir
  • DSM
  • DTLR
  • END
  • Footshop
  • Google Forms
  • JD
  • Juice
  • Lapstone & Hammer
  • Naked
  • Notre
  • One Block Down
  • Oqium
  • Patta
  • SNS
  • Saint Alfred
  • Solebox
  • Starcow
  • Supply
  • The Next Door
  • Cactus Jack
  • UBIQ Atmos
  • Undefeated
  • Wood Wood

HyperRaffleBot Video Overview

HyperRaffleBot is a web based bot that with an easy to UI which allows users to conveniently create tasks for a variety of tasks. It is quite simple to navigate and on top of that the success is very high. This is definitely one of the top bots in the community at the moment.

Dashboard Window

HyperRaffleBot Dashboard Window
On this window within HyperRaffleBot , you can view the dashboard that shows a few elements regarding your bot. The first on the far left is the latest update, you can also click the walkthrough button to be given a walkthrough for the bot. Secondly, in the middle you have the active releases and you can click the “Enter Raffles” button to be directed to the releases part of the bot. Thirdly, on the right side you can view the account information such as the next payment, the key and the membership type. You do also have the option to sign out of your account too below that. Finally, you can change your payment method below if you wish.

Tasks Window

HyperRaffleBot Tasks Window
On this window within HyperRaffleBot, you can create your tasks to be used within the bot. You have all the supported sites in boxes that be scrolled through and when you click on one of them, it brings you to that sites setup task section. You then have the releases button that has sites under a certain release that you can create tasks for. Finally, you can click the search button to search for a site if you wish.

Profiles Window

HyperRaffleBot Profiles Window

On this window within HyperRaffleBot, you can create your profiles that can be used with your tasks. You have the general information section where you can fill out some information as well as the shipping information section. Finally, you can select a profile from the drop down and click “load profile” to load that profile.

Emails Window

HyperRaffleBot Emails Window

On this window within HyperRaffleBot, you can manage your email groups that can be used with your tasks for selected sites. You go ahead and create a group for your emails and once you create the group you can select a site from the drop down to add email to. It has to follows the structure shown below the dropdown for it to work correctly and once you are done you can hit the same emails button. You do also have the option to upload CSV and generate accounts if you wish.


HyperRaffleBot has a ton of support available for all of their users which starts with the software itself. It is extremely easy to use and it is completely web based therefore, there is no demands on your computer. If you want a walk through of the bot, that be done by the click of a button within the bot on the dashboard page. Within their discord server they have written documentation available to ensure you are supported well and they have a support team ready to assist you too.

Supported sites: 43einhalb, Alumni, BSTN, BAIT, basket4ballers, Bodega, Browns, The Canteen, Centre, The Closest Inc, Concepts, Copdate, Courir, DSM, DTLR, END, Footshop, Google Forms, JD, Juice, Lapstone & Hammer, Naked, Notre, One Block Down, Oqium, Patta, SNS, Saint Alfred, Solebox, Starcow, Supply, The Next Door, Cactus Jack, UBIQ Atmos, Undefeated, Wood Wood

Platforms: Windows // Mac

Retail: $30 a month // $300 a year


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