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Unknown proxies is a very popular proxy provider within the sneaker botting scene and has had that title for a long time. They have over 2000+ active users with 50000+ recorded checkouts, 35M+ proxies in their pools and 150+ subnets. This alongside their heavy success with their proxies puts them at the top of the proxy providing market. They also have a very strong support team that is always online regardless of your timezone, they value their business and want to be able to provide quick customer service 24/7 to all of their customers. Regardless if you’re a newcomer or an experienced botter, you will heavily benefit from using Unknown Proxies. Their twitter page can be found here (@unknownproxies) and they currently offer:

  • Residential Proxies
  • Harvesting Plans
  • Datacenter Proxies
  • ISP Proxies

Unknown Proxies Video Overview

Unknown Proxies offers a wide range of proxies ranging from harvesting plans to shadow 2.0 ISP’s  that are targeted to aid the customers when botting certain sites. They also ensure that their product are of high quality and for plans that are distributed through data packages, they will never expire so you will not miss out on any of your paid data. Adding to this they have multiple authentication methods available for use and their proxies are located in other 150+ locations. Finally, they have multiple proxy solutions allowing the customer to rotate their IP’’s if they wish to.

Unknown Proxies – 30 Day On/Off Cox ISP

Unknown Proxies – 30 Day On/Off Cox ISP
Unknown Proxies provide 30 day On/Off Cox IPS proxies that allow the customer to turn off the proxies between release. This allows them make the most out of the proxies being used instead of it being wasted on days between drops. These proxies work best on footsites,FNL/JD, Supreme, Shopify, Off-White, and Adidas + YeezySupply.

Unknown Proxies – Reserve Residential

Unknown Proxies – Reserve Residential
Unknown Proxies provides Reserve Residential proxies which are distributed through GB plans. You can select an amount of proxies data you want on their site and the price will scale accordingly. The proxies work best on Finish Line, Footsites, Nike, Adidas + YeezySupply, Shopify, Hibbett and Off-white. These proxies also do not ever expire, commonly with other companies there is an expiry attached to the data which can lead to data being wasted however, with Unknown Proxies you will not have that issue.

Unknown Proxies – 30 Day Shadow 2.0 ISP

Unknown Proxies – 30 Day Shadow 2.0 ISP
Unknown Proxies provides 30 Day Shadow 2.0 ISP proxies that are some of their best proxies, they are also very highly in demand from their customer base because of how well they work on releases. They work best for Footsites, Nike, Shopify, Off-White and Adidas + YeezySupply.

Unknown Proxies – 30 Day Sprint ISP

Unknown Proxies – 30 Day Sprint ISP
Unknown Proxies provides 30 Day Sprint ISP proxies that again are very efficient and high quality proxies. These are another package of proxies they provide that are very sought after and tend to sell out very quickly when they restock. They work best for Footsites, Nike, Shopify, Off-White and Adidas + YeezySupply.

When it comes to support, Unknown Proxies accommodate for both experienced botters and newcomers to the market. They have an easy to navigate dashboard that allows customers to generate proxies very easily and they have a discord server dedicated to support. Within the discord you can view everything from drops recaps to guides in regards to every proxy type available on their website to purchase. With whatever plan you buy from Unknown Proxies, you will be covered when it comes to support.

Pricing: Ranges based on the plans and quantities of proxies.
Site: https://unknownproxies.com/

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