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Copmax Proxies

By November 21, 2021November 22nd, 2021Proxy Providers, Overviews

Copmax Proxies is the most innovative and fastest Discord Proxy generator bot in the whole community. They offer both Residential and DC & ISP proxy plans at affordable prices to ensure their customers are getting the best value for money when purchasing from them. One of the best parts about Copmax Proxies is that everything is handled within their Discord server which can join here, this entire process is shown off in our overview video of the company which can be found on this page. Their proxies are instantly delivered to you upon purchase so you can generate proxies immediately without wasting any time. You can check out their social media pages at the bottom of this page.

Copmax Proxies Video Overview

When it comes to features, Copmax Proxies has one of the most unique proxy ordering systems in the community at the moment. The process is done entirely within their Discord and allows you to not only place an order but also receive your product within a few seconds. This eliminates a lot of the tedious waiting time that can occur when purchasing with other proxy companies. With their Discord bot you have the ability to order, generate and check your balance by simply clicking a button, this is demonstrated in our overview. To begin with, we're going to speak about the “order” process for the bot. After clicking the order button within their Discord using their bot, you get to choose what proxy plan you want to purchase, whether that's a regular or premium plan, once you make your selection you can move onto the next step. At this point you can view your order summary, click pay to pay for the order or go back to change the plan you wish to purchase. Once you pay for the plan it will be binded to your Discord account so then you can utilize the “generate” and “balance” buttons. The “generate” button will prompt you to select what plan you want to generate, once you select the plan you can choose whether you want sticky or rotating proxies, then you can choose the region in which you want to generate them for, then you can select the number of proxies you want to generate, then you can choose the proxy list format. After this point you will be DM'd by their bot with the proxy list for you to utilize. The final feature of the bot to cover is the “balance” button that displays your balance based on what you have purchased.

Copmax Proxies – Residential Proxies

Copmax Proxies offer Residential proxies that are from their flexible and scalable residential proxy network. It allows usage of custom, individual website pools, ensuring you receive the best proxies for your desired task. There is no limit on how many proxies you can generate from our selection of 125+ countries. You have a choice of two Residential Proxy plans which are regular and premium, depending on the plan you choose there is different features attached to them. Some of the overlapping features are unlimited amount of concurrent sessions, automatic rotating IPs, sticky sessions up to 30 minutes and much more. You can check out their plans on their website by clicking one of the buttons on this page.

Copmax Proxies – DC & ISP Proxies

Copmax Proxiess offer DC&ISP proxies which are the highest quality real IPs you’ll find on the market. With fast speeds and great stability, it will help you with any task without any data usage limits. Both of these proxy plans come with unlimited bandwidth, low detection rates, 100 GBPS Network Connection, 100% Fully Dedicated, and 99.99% Uptime.


Copmax Proxies have a support team that is available 24/7 and they will be happy to assist with any issues that you may have.

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