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Card World

By November 7, 2021November 10th, 2021Reselling Groups, Overviews

Card World is the only all all in one retail restock group you will ever need. They cover all hot and profitable resell products to ensure you secure the product you need in order to be successful. They have the best community out of all resell/restock groups. They are known for our unique, special, welcoming, and family like community. There is no other community like there's. The day you join you will feel like you have been in the group for years. They pride themselves in community and it is the most important aspect of their group. Their pricing is as follows, $0 Free Sign up // $40 Monthly Membership // $400 Lifetime Membership.

Card World Video Overview

When it comes to features, Card World they have a large number of features available to all of their members that we showcase in this overview. They offer everything from early links to retail restock guides to ensure you are covered in all aspects in their group. Whether you're a newcomer or a veteran within the space, they offer live voice member Q&A sessions to all of their members to ensure everyone is prepped for big releases. Their experienced and knowledgeable staff team hosts Q&A sessions to ensure every member is set up properly for the upcoming release. Their staff team is comprised of knowledgeable and experienced resellers, providing personalized individualized support to all of their  members.

Card World – Elite Groupbuys

Card World has top tier group buys with some of the best bots and proxies in the business. Don’t know what a bot or proxy is? No worries. Card World teaches members how to use software to secure limited card releases and optimize their chances to be large amounts of product for retail online.

Card World – Blazing Fast Monitors

Card World has blazing fast monitors on all popular card related websites. This includes Target, Walmart, Panini and more! These monitors alert members as soon as a new product is released on the website or is restocked. Their monitors help members maximize their chances at securing products for retail online!

Card World – Card World Bot ACO

As a member of Card World, you have access to Stellar AIO ACO. They support tasks for their members for free (With Membership). Sites such as Target, Walmart, Panini, and Fanatics. They provide one of the best ACO out there to secure products without being at the site manually!

Card World – Experienced Staff

Their team of over 25 highly experienced staff members is nothing short of phenomenal. Whether it be securing limited releases, investing in cards, or grading cards, they have staff for everything.


When you join Card World, you access to a ton of support within the server. Whether you're a newcomer or experienced to the Sports betting space, Sports Capitalists will support you through your journey.

Pricing: $0 Free Sign up // $40 Monthly Membership // $400 Lifetime Membership

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