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How to bot Walmart with SlapX

By December 18, 2021Overviews

SlapX is a new sneaker bot that has a really enjoyable user experience catering to both veteran botters as well as newcomers to ensure that everyone can use the bot. They currently support Kith, Walmart, Footlocker, Amazon, Footaction, Champs Sports, Kids Footlocker, SlamJam Socialism, Eastbay, Hot Topic, Box Lunch, Titolo, JD, Size?, Footpatrol, The Hip Store and they will add more sites in the future. The best part is that you can get access to the bot currently without the pressure of getting the bot on a restock that sells out quickly, it is always in stock at an affordable price. The current price for SlapX is $39.99 initially + $30 a month thereafter. You can view their website here and you can also view their Twitter page here. The SlapX software is definitely pleasing to use, they have a variety of features that you would expect from the top sneaker bots in the community such as grouping when it comes to different elements within the bot as well as a well designed interface. You have the ability to customize the coloring of the application in the settings part of the bot so you have a lot of control over your instance of the bot.

How to bot Walmart with SlapX

On this page, we will be showcasing a few tips and tricks when it comes to botting Walmart with Slapx. Having the bot alone is not enough, you definitely need some guidance on what works with certain websites, in this case we will be talking about Walmart. We will be covering restock tips, release tips & some summary tips for botting Walmart with Slapx. We highly recommend watching the video above so you can visually see the things we mention on this post, however, you can also read up on what we mention on this page too.

SlapX  – Task Setup

When it comes to your task setup with Walmart with Slapx, there is a few things that you should keep in mind when creating your tasks. Applying these tips and tricks to your setup will definitely increase your chances of success when it comes to acquiring hyped releases from Walmart with Slapx. You can view the information below:

  • When creating your tasks, you have a few choices when it comes to identifying the product. The two options you have when creating tasks in terms of pointing a task to a specific product is the PID or OFFERID.
  • When creating your profile, ensure all your details are correct, if they are not it will lead to errors across all the tasks that you use the profile for.
  • When configuring your proxies, ensure they are fit for the website you are botting. E.G if the website is splash room based, residential proxies would be recommended so you can utilize a large amount of tasks and initial speed isn't a factor. If the website is not splash room based, then you should look at getting fast proxies such as DC or ISPs to maximize your chances of success.

SlapX – Summary Tips

When it comes to Walmart botting with SlapX, you should keep in mind the following things:

  • You can segregate your tasks into groups by creating new groups on the left side of the bot.
  • Different actions within the bot have shortcuts so you can use those instead of manually clicking on the action itself, this can be useful to save time during drops.
  • Once you have created your tasks, you can view the status of all your tasks above on the task page, this can be useful if you have a large number of tasks in one group.
  • You can enable a checkout sound for when you do checkout in the settings, this is useful as you have an indication as to when you have successful checked out.


SlapX has a ton of support available for all of their members. They have written documentation within their Discord server, you can also view the video overview if you need more guidance.

Supported sites: Kith, Walmart, Footlocker, Amazon, Footaction, Champs Sports, Kids Footlocker, SlamJam Socialism, Eastbay, Hot Topic, Box Lunch, Titolo, JD, Size?, Footpatrol, The Hip Store

Platforms: Windows & Mac

Retail: $39,99 initially + $30 a month.


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