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Arrow Alerts

By April 24, 2021June 13th, 2021Groups, Overviews

Arrow Alerts is an exclusive reselling group curated around helping members make a profit through reselling limited items, sneakers, streetwear and much more. They offer a ton of features within the group that helps their members maximize their profit on a daily basis. They are priced at $30 a month which is a lot cheaper compared to the other groups on the market at the moment, you can save money on your membership fee and make more with their features. You can check out their Twitter here as well as their Instagram and their website.

Arrow Alerts Video Overview

When it comes to features, Arrow Alerts offers a lot of value for the membership fee of $30 a month. It is focused on being a premium discord group that provides their members with all the necessary information, tools, and assistance to secure limited items for retail. They pride themselves in providing the best information possible for their members which is why they go beyond the average reselling group, all of their members get access to exclusive partnerships, custom tools and monitors.

Arrow Alerts – Exclusive Release Info

With their comprehensive release guides, bot setups, early links, raffle lists, variants, leaks, stock numbers, drop times, and top-tier monitors more of which can't be found anywhere else in this community you can rest assured there's never a slow week in Arrow.

Arrow Alerts – Fast Monitors

The most reliable, consistent, and active monitors currently supporting hundreds of sites. When it comes to our monitor's potential, they are constantly innovating and extending our site list so that their members never miss a drop or restock.

Arrow Alerts – Lowkey Flips 

It's no doubt that having multiple other streams of income is important to them so that every member will see a profit. They currently have multiple tiers of lowkey key flips accompanied by our exclusive PokeMRKT partnership gives every member endless opportunities for success

Arrow Alerts – AQT Software

Connect directly with our monitors and send quick tasks directly to your bots based on keywords customized by you. This allows you to start tasks with your desired profiles at the touch of a button taking out all the unnecessary work of setting up.


When it comes to support they have a discord server in which you can join that has support available to all of their users. They have well written guides about each individual topic that resides within the features they offer and you can open a ticket to speak with their support team in a 1 on 1 environment if you wish.

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