Polar Chefs

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Polar Chefs is a cookgroup based on a membership model that gives all its users the resources to create revenue streams through a range of its features within the group. They combine everything they offer in their group as well as their staff team among a ton of other resources to ensure success for every single member. Their support team is a dedicated team of sneakerheads and will make sure you get everything you need to succeed with them. Here is their designated twitter page (@polarchefs).


Polar Chefs is currently priced at $35/month or $275/annually

Polar Chefs Video Overview

Polar Chefs has a ton of features available to all the members that cover a ton of avenues from support to opening new revenue streams so members can tap into different areas to make money aside from sneakers. Here are some of their main features:


Polar Chefs – Backdoors

This is one of the features available to all members that is quite useful. Members get access to backdoors for major releases which allows them to secure the release before the actual release takes place. This can only lead to higher success but also larger profit margins.

Lowkey Flips

Polar Chefs – Lowkey Flips

This is another feature that creates a new revenue stream for members which is through securing items that aren't heavily monitored by the majority of the community. This allows members of polar chefs to not only secure these items but also create revenue from selling these items.

SMS Alerts

Polar Chefs – SMS Alerts

Within the group all members have access to join the SMS alerts list so all members can be connected to the group outside of discord. Polar Chefs understands that not everyone can stay in discord all the time, so with the SMS alerts feature you can be sent important information instantly so you are never out of the loop.


Polar Chefs – Guides

All members have access to detailed guides for every type of release so they know where an item is dropping and what is available to them. This enables users to spend less time researching releases and dedicate more time towards ensuring their setup is refined so they have the best possible chance of being successful.


When it comes to support within Polar Chefs all members have access to a ton of resources so you can be confident on every aspect of a release. With the combination of guides and other features it really does bring every member a very solid support experience within the group. They also have a zendesk support part of their website in which you can get answers to a lot of typical questions people who are in the group or people who are thinking of joining the group have.

Platform: Discord

Retail: $35/month // $275/annually

Site: https://polarchefs.com/

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