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Acquire is a cook group based on a membership model that gives all its users the resources to create revenue streams through a range of its features within the group. They combine their features with their experienced staff team to ultimately aid every member in any way they need it. Members of the group have been able to generate thousands a month by utilizing everything Acquire offers and all their services do not require you to be experienced in the field, so a newcomer is more than welcome at Acquire. Their twitter can be found here (@groupacquire)

Acquire is a membership based group which is currently priced at £30/month.

Acquire Video Overview

Acquire has a ton of features within the group and in addition to this they also provide support, guides, tools and information within a lot of the sectors in their group. Here are some of the main features of the group:


Acquire – Sneakers

Acquire providers all their members information, guides and monitors regarding sneaker releases allowing them to make profits on a large scale. With this they also help their members profit on highly anticipated releases and also advise them on what releases they should be investing into to make the most amount of money.


Acquire – Dropshiping
Acquire diversifies their features by giving their members the opportunity to create another revenue stream which is Dropshipping. Members are brought through every step you have to take to successfully Dropship which includes creating shopify stores, finding products to sell, Amazon selling and Ebay selling.


Acquire – Collectibles
Acquire also dedicates part of the group to collectibles so members are able to attain highly sought after items to then create large profits for themselves. All members are provided with detailed guides to ensure that they are well aware of what item to attain, where to sell it and what the ROI is going to be for these items. Members have made up $10,000 by utilising this section alone of the group.


Acquire – Investments

Acquire in addition to everything else they provide also facilitate stocks & forex advice within the group. They provide users with a wide range of information in this field which allows members to not only develop a skill but also create profit for them, once again creating another revenue stream from what the group provides.


When it comes to support within Acquire they do provide a lot of it to all their members. They have a live chat function on their website so you can be in contact with the team so they can answer any of your questions as soon as possible. Within the group they also have a dedicated guides & support section which focuses on helping all their members. They have a ticket system integrated into the group so you can ask your questions 1 on 1 with their support team and you can also book a support session if you wish to do so. In addition to this, with every sector of their group they also provide support so members are well educated when it comes to everything they provide.

Platform: Discord

Retail: £30/month (14 week free trial at the start)


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