Cooked Supreme

Get ready to cook Supreme this season with Cooked Supreme! Cooked Supreme is an auto-checkout Supreme bot that is compatible on Windows, Mac, and iOS mobile. This bot supports both US and EU Supreme regions. With its user-friendly interface for both the desktop and iOS phone, Cooked Supreme has many advanced built-in features that will help you cop even the most hyped Supreme releases.

Cooked Supreme is a powerful, advanced bot that was developed by professionals with one idea in mind; to increase your chances of success of purchasing all the Supreme products you want. Everyone knows how frustrating it is with how quickly Supreme sells out. Now’s your chance to join the winning crowd. Stop taking L’s and begin your win streak with Cooked Supreme

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Cooked Supreme Features

Multiple Product Carting
Cooked Supreme can add multiple products to your cart and check them out at once. This is a very useful feature as you will be able to place orders with multiple products, further decreasing your shipping costs and helping you buy every product in that drop that you wanted.

Lifetime Updates
Cooked Supreme is currently offering lifetime licenses. This means you will only need to pay for the bot once while continuing to receive updates! Get a lifetime copy while you can!

Checkout Delay
Cooked Supreme has a checkout delay feature which helps you bypass Supreme’s bot protection. This is especially helpful when Supreme turns on bot protection as it makes your checkout session more human-like. Bots tend to check out very fast so this delay in the checkout process helps reduce the chances of Supreme flagging your checkout as one that is a bot.

Discord Customer Support
Cooked Supreme offers top-notch customer support. Upon purchase, you will be given access to Cooked Supreme’s Discord server. In the server you can find answers to all your bot-related questions along with release information, and more.

Proxy Support
Cooked Supreme supports the use of proxies. This will help prevent you from getting your IP address banned by Supreme and may also help lower the chance of cancellation from multiple checkouts from a single IP address. This can also help you cop multiples of a particular product as Supreme prevents multiple checkouts of most products.

Google Login For One-Click Captchas
Cooked Supreme allows you to log in to your Google account to help reduce the chances of getting captchas that take more than one click to get through.. Logging into your Google account or YouTube shows Google that there is human activity associated with your account and therefore will just give you one-click captchas on checkout.

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