Stealth Browser

By February 6, 2020March 6th, 2020Browsers

Stealth Browser by Hype Labs is a multi-session /¬† spoof browser that works great with any queue release (Adidas, Yeezy Supply) and also draw releases (Nike). Stealth is simply a browser where you can launch multiple instances of a browser session which will increase your chances of getting past a queue. Each browser session is essentially a “user” that you control. Once one of these browser sessions is allowed past the queue you simply pick the item you wish to purchase and check out. You can open up unlimited browser instances and they will all be a user for you waiting in the site queue to get in.

Stealth is also very good for Nike SNKRS draw releases. Nike is one of the harder sites to bot and often Nike bots do not work. You can use Stealth because Nike just sees it as a browser (which it is) that is controlled by a user. You won't be able to enter as many accounts using multi-session browsers as opposed to bots but if you are fast you could probably get 30+ entries in using Stealth. The browser can also auto-login to Nike for you! All you have to do is import Nike accounts and then start your tasks on Nike and they will sign in.

Features of Stealth include:

  • Proxy functionality so each browser has its own ip address
  • Mass link change for all open tasks
  • Nike account import and auto-login to SNKRS
  • Multi-task launcher
  • Multi-task deletion

Multi-session / spoof browsers are something that everyone should have regardless if you own a bot or not. They are great for queue releases and Nike draws especially when bots are having trouble on the bigger brands. Running a bot and a spoof browser at the same time would be optimal for all releases. Stealth offers  a great browser and at an incredible price.