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Better Nike Bot (BNB)

BNB offers two types of bots. One for Nike and a different one that supports multiple different sites (All-In-One or AIO for short)

Better Nike Bot has been around for years. They first started out with a bot that worked for Nike only and then they moved on to an AIO bot to support tons of different sites such as Adidas, Footlocker, Supreme, etc.

The Nike Bot

BNBs Nike bot has been one of the most consistent bots to work on Nike since it was created. We've seen many Nike bots come and go but BNB has always managed to stay around and adjust to everything that Nike changes on their site and app. Better Nike Bot and Another Nike Bot are really the only two bots that have consistently worked on Nike throughout the the years.

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BNB's Nike Bot Features

Built-in SNKRS calendar
BNB imports all the sneakers that are dropping into its own calendar on the bot. You can just open the calendar, find the sneaker you are looking to cop, select it and it will import the necessary data it needs for entering the Nike draws for you.

SNKR Monitor
BNB Nike Bot can monitor the SNKRS calendar and import all future drops into a Discord channel of your choosing. Leave BNB running along with proxies and watch all future drops be imported into your Discord channel.

Nike Account Creator
Need more Nike accounts? This bot has an account creator that can create 5 accounts a day for regular users. If you need more than 5 a day you can upgrade to their Ultimate plan and generate unlimited accounts.

Nike Account & Exclusive Access Checker
Nike often releases sneakers to a select amount of accounts. The bot's access checker can see if any of your accounts actually have access to one of their exclusive offers. You can also check to see if your accounts are still good through the account checker. This essentially goes through the Nike accounts in the bot and checks to see if they can login. It's a good way to keep your account list clean and not waste entries with accounts that aren't in working order.

Nike Order Checker
If you have hundreds of accounts it can be hard to know if any of your accounts actually won a draw. The order checker will check for you to see if any of your accounts have an order pending.

The Nike Bot also has all the standard features that any desktop bot would have. This includes proxy support, a proxy checker and multiple card/profile ability.

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